Airport hotelier ditches US plans

Hotel News - 21/06/2005

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A UK-based hotelier with properties at both Gatwick and Heathrow has ditched plans for a new hotel in the US.

Arora International was set to build a new hotel in Arlington, Texas. But according to the Dallas Business Journal, the project has been abandoned and the land earmarked for its construction has been put up for sale.

Arora blamed the airline industry's slow recovery from the September 11th attacks for its decision.

The company works closely with major carriers and had planned to offer American Airline trainees reduced room rates.

"I think the airline industry has taken a lot longer to recover - that's the key issue," Guy Morris, executive director of Arora told the Dallas Business Journal.

"We had to make a serious decision on where to focus our business growth in the short term and that's here in the UK."

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