Sleep doctor to try curing jetlag

Hotel News - 30/06/2005

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British Airways has decided to employ a sleep doctor to try and cure passengers' jet lag.

Sleep researcher Dr Chris Idzikowski will spend the next six months investigating the best ways of inducing in-flight sleep.

He will examine the optimum way to sleep at altitude, and investigate ways of tricking the body's natural clock.

He even plans to try and re-create the aroma of a real bedroom.

"There is definitely a way of controlling the biological clock by avoiding or exposing oneself to light, and we want to see if we can find a way of teaching passengers how to do it," Dr Idzikowski told Reuters.

BA claims that the study is the first of its kind, and can only hope that a cure isn't too far off.

In the meantime, whilst Dr Idzikowski recommends not eating too much or drinking alcohol during a flight, wearing comfortable clothing, and buying a pair of noise-reduction ear plugs, other travellers may just want to check into an airport hotel for a glorious sleep the night before!

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