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Hotel News - 15/07/2005

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Business executives who regularly using airport hotels could benefit from one of Premier Travel Inn's business accounts.

A business account aims to make travel expenses easier to manage, saving the customer time and money. It works in the same way as a charge card, and is free to use with no administration purposes.

The account provides a quick and easy way of guaranteeing accommodation and customers will receive an itemised account statement and invoice every month, as well as online access to their accounts from the last three months.

It similarly provides the business traveller with flexibility. Customers can choose who has a card, what they charge it to, and how much they can spend, meaning that the flight itself offers a time to relax.

Participating airport hotels include Aberdeen, Birmingham, Gatwick, Glasgow, Heathrow and Manchester.

There are 450 Premier Travel Inns around the country, offering accommodation, food and drink, and the card is available for use at all of them.

Meeting rooms are available at 94 of the hotels, and at all Touchbase meeting centres.

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