Teenager sparks bomb scare

Hotel News - 02/08/2005

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A teenager, late for her flight at Stanstead Airport, caused a security alert when she asked a friend to tell police that there was a bomb on her flight.

Angela Sceats, 19, from Sydney, Australia had turned up at the wrong London train station for connections to Stansted, leaving her worried she would miss the plane.

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Ms. Sceats, however, said that she did not intend for her message to be taken seriously by her friend and that they had been sending joking messages to one another all day.

"It has all been a bit of a misunderstanding," she told ITV.

"I was running late for my flight. I knew I would not make it."

"I told her to get them to hold the plane up. Tell them there is a bomb on board. It's all just been a joke," she added.

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