New technology makes flights more relaxing

Hotel News - 03/08/2005

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For travellers who like to sleep on airplanes, Delta Airlines new flight steadying technology will be of interest to them.

The airline is trialling a new system that alerts pilots to turbulence ahead on the flight-path, which should make it easier for passengers to relax. Of course, booking into an airport hotel the night before a journey means that travellers are generally rested and relaxed before they board a flight.

Using an airport hotel means that travellers can be calm, knowing that there is no long journey to the airport ahead of them, and that breakfast will be ready and waiting when they are, with no washing up hassle!

Developers of the Turbulence auto-PIREP system (Taps) claim that pilots and air traffic controllers on the ground will be able to anticipate turbulence early and take measures to avoid it and even where the bad weather is unavoidable, pilots will be able to alert cabin crew, who can ensure that all passengers return to their seats and fasten their seatbelts.

The system is currently being trialled on 80 Delta aircraft, but if successful, it could become a standard feature on all planes in the future.

So for those who don't use airport accommodation the night before a flight, the extra calm in the air might help travellers catch up on their sleep.

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