Heathrow school for flight-phobics

Hotel News - 05/08/2005

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Virgin Atlantic is launching a new course to help nervous passengers conquer their fear of flying.

The inaugural Flying Without Fear (FWF) course will take place at London Heathrow Airport later this month, offering a day's worth of counselling and expert advice from Virgin Atlantic staff and qualified psychotherapists. There is a considerable amount of people in the UK who report a fear of flying, and those wishing to attend the course should consider pre-booking hotel accommodation at the airport as they could get busy.

Participants in the course are introduced to an entire Virgin Atlantic airline flight team, including flight captains, who explain how planes operate. It is thought that if passengers understand how a plane works, they will feel more in control of the situation and thus less scared.

Booking hotel accommodation means that after what could be an emotionally draining day, attendees can go and get some rest in luxury surroundings, and don’t have to worry about the journey home. Some airport hotels offer swimming pool, spa and sauna services, so participants could really reward themselves for facing their fears.

David Landau, a renowned psychotherapist will speak to the phobics, encouraging them to articulate their fear of flying and teaching them to control and channel their fears.

An optional 45 minute flight at the end of the course shows if attendees have managed to master their phobias or not.

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