Holidaymakers need rest before driving

Hotel News - 09/08/2005

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People who get straight off of the plane and into their cars could be exposing themselves to danger, says a new report.

'Driver lag', similar to jet lag but affecting a persons safety on the road, has been linked to 60,000 incidents in airport car parks or as people travelled home after flying back into the UK.

The research, conducted by Privilege, suggests that people should consider staying overnight in an airport hotel before attempting the drive home, especially if they are tired.

Of the 2,00 people interviewed, one on three said that they were tired after not sleeping properly on planes and 4 per cent said that they had driven too fast out of airports, or lost concentration at the wheel.

With the condition affecting a third of the survey's respondents pre-booking airport accommodation might be a good idea.

'Many people experience negative physical symptoms and a change in their driving behaviour following a flight,' Privilege Insurance managing director Ian Parker told the BBC.

'Our research shows people may be putting themselves and their passengers at risk by getting straight into their cars after landing,' he added.

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