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Hotel News - 11/08/2005

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Boeing is currently undertaking a three-week test flight programme on its new lower-noise features on the 777-300ER model, news that will be welcomed by people staying in airport hotels across the UK.

Airport hotels are a great way of relaxing before a flight. Once customers have arrived at a hotel, the holiday begins and there is no worry about getting to the airport on time. This new breed of aircraft should make stays even more enjoyable.

The so-called Quiet Technology Demonstrator 2 is taking place at the at Boeing's test facility in Montana, US.

The main features of the planes that are being tested include chevrons on the engine exhaust ducts as well as new acoustic treatment for the engine inlet.

In a bid to lower aircraft noise during landing, a number of landing gear noise reduction features will also be tested.

Walt Gillette, vice president of 787 airplane development at Boeing Commercial Airplanes, said: 'We are always looking to the future well beyond our next new airplane.

'Improving the performance of our airplanes - making them quieter for communities, ground crews and those on board the airplane - is an ongoing effort.'

As airport hotels also become increasingly sophisticated, some even offer customers soundproof rooms. Although aeroplane noise is not generally a problem, the hotels are always looking for ways to improve their services for guests and the Marriott at Manchester Airport, for example, boats a health club featuring a pool, split-level gym, sauna and steam room.

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