New Scandinavian Airlines pricing scheme

Hotel News - 19/08/2005

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Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) is launching a new pricing structure in an attempt to compete with the European low-cost sector and give travellers greater flexibility within their tickets.

An online one-way fare booking system to all European destinations, similar to those operated by many low-cost carriers, will enable passengers to book combinations of one-way flights without extra charges, restrictions or weekend stays.

The new pricing scheme should hopefully make air travel cheaper for travellers, who can then put the money towards the other costs of their trips, such as an airport hotel before the flight.

Booking airport accommodation is a great way of relaxing before a holiday. It means that holidaymakers or business executives can arrive at the airport in plenty of time before departure and for early flights, gives travellers a bit longer in bed!

The system will be operational for all three classes of tickets offered by the airline and should represent some savings as previously the airline charged passengers more if they were only booking a one-way flight.

SAS will also introduce a combined-class booking system, whereby passengers can fly economy class on an outbound flight and return in business or first-class and the new ticketing system will come into effect from September 1 on all non-German European flights.

The Airline flies from a range of UK airports including Aberdeen, Belfast, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, London, Manchester and Newcastle.

Excellent hotel accommodation and car parking is available at all of these sites and customers booking flights online are able to book accommodation at the same time.

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