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Hotel News - 23/08/2005

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A new on-line system has been launched that will give holidaymakers travel information at the click of a mouse.

New technology in the UK is offering charter flight information to customers via a RSS (Really Simple Syndication)-XML feed and it allows registered users to receive specific flight information straight to their computers.

Travellers who already use the internet for their holiday needs will realise that airport hotels and other airport-related services can be booked online.

Using an airport hotel is a good way to ensure that people are in plenty of time for their flights and allows greater relaxation before they go away.

Now, when booking airport accommodation online, customers can also electronically receive information regarding specific airports and flight routes and are kept up to date on the cheapest flights available.

Every user can choose their own criteria for what information is received thus providing a tailor made service.

The system's designers hope that by making flights more accessible via the internet, more people will use online booking services, and all airport needs can then be booked online in one go.

One online travel agent is already using the technology, and many others are expected to follow suit.

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