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Hotel News - 24/08/2005

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With reports of retail figures falling after the London bombings, it is natural to suppose that tourism in hotels would be equally as affected.

However, the latest figures from PKF (UK) LLP hotel consultancy services show that the London hotel industry has nothing to fear, as performance figures for July are better than expected.

London boasts some of the best accommodation in the world, and London Airports can offer travellers comfortable and affordable accommodation.

Gatwick, Heathrow and Stansted all boats extensive hotel facilities, which these figures show are well appreciated by tourists.

Hotel accommodation has never been easier to book and now holiday makers can pre-book accommodation at the click of a mouse.

The PKF shows that occupancy across the capital was down just under five per cent, bringing total occupancy rates to 79.4 per cent.

However, the average room rate was up 1.2 per cent at £105.01, which left the room yield down 3.8 per cent at £83.37.

Robert Barnard, partner for hotel consultancy services at PKF, said: 'Considering the global impact of the terrorist attacks on London during July, hoteliers have done well to keep the losses down this much. We are confident they can bounce back during August and September.'

He added that despite rumours that hoteliers had dropped their rates, the figures do not support this at all - they show that rates have hardly moved across the month.

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