Virgin unveils luxury spa at Heathrow

Hotel News - 26/08/2005

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Virgin Atlantic Airways has unveiled plans to open a decadent spa at its business class lounge at Heathrow Airport.

The ultimate in passenger pampering, Virgin's spa is to be named Cowshed at the Clubhouse and will be accessible to Virgin's Upper Class passengers travelling to the US.

Customers who like to travel in style and comfort should consider booking an airport hotel before their flight.

Airport accommodation means that there is no rush to get to the airport, and staff can take care of making breakfast and washing up.

Most hotels offer park and fly deals, so when customers book a night in an airport hotel, they can usually park there for free for the duration of their trip.

At Heathrow the facilities are rumoured to include treatment rooms, a spa pool, a sauna, steamroom and a tanning booth. Treatments will include a range of massages, facials and manicures, writes

There will also be a hairdressing salon, called Bumble & Bumble, as well as a retail area, massively increasing the size of the lounge.

The spa is part of an £11m development programme.

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