Merger creates new flights across Irish Sea

Hotel News - 31/08/2005

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British NorthWest Airlines (BNWA) and Flykeen have merged, following a takeover bid from BNWA, which will be good news for travellers.

The two Blackpool-based carriers will now be known as A2B Airways, the operating name of Flykeen, and will fly routes between Blackpool, the Isle of Man and Belfast.

Reasonably priced airport hotel accommodation is available at all of these airports, and when customers are booking any of these new flights, hotel rooms can be reserved online at the same time.

The airline hopes that the merger and new routes will give customers an improved service when flying between the three Irish Sea destinations.

'We are pleased to note no significant changes to the services between Blackpool and the Isle of Man and Belfast - two of the most popular and successful routes from this airport - are anticipated,' said a spokesman for Blackpool Airport.

Blackpool is an extremely popular tourist destination, and after a night in an airport hotel, holidaymakers could finish off their break by exploring the delights of the city.

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