EU funding available for UK airports

Hotel News - 08/09/2005

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The EU has approved the expansion of regional UK airports, including East Midlands and Cardiff and Aberdeen Airports.

The aim is to reduce congestion at larger airports, and will be welcomed by passengers wanting to see air services expand in their areas, writes the Guardian.

The European Commission has set aid regulations for airports handling fewer than five million passengers a year, and the aid enables them to lend up to 50 per cent of a low-cost carrier's start-up costs, thus generating more business for the airports.

East Midlands, Cardiff and Aberdeen already boast excellent airport services such as hotels and car parking but the new rule changes could see even more services and shops being built as the airport expands.

Regional airports can now grant aid over three years to start-up airlines to cover costs such as marketing and building maintenance sheds.

Reserving an airport hotel is a way of relaxing before travel. It means that customers do not have to worry about traffic jams on the way to the airport and pre-booking online ensures that there will be a room waiting for when the traveller arrives.

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