Manchester boasts growing passenger numbers

Hotel News - 12/09/2005

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Manchester Airport has announced that 2.4 million passengers travelled through its doors this August.

This is a six per cent increase compared to the same time last year, showing that air travel is becoming increasingly popular with Brits.

Manchester Airport offers ample hotel accommodation, car parking and shops and services, including a selection of high street shops such as Accessorize, Marks & Spencer, Dixons and Boots.

When travellers are arranging flights on the internet, airport hotels can be booked at the same time, which can sometimes save money, as well as time at the airport, leaving holidaymakers to get on with any last minute shopping.

The figures revealed 269,000 domestic passengers travelled through Manchester, while passengers using scheduled flights also increased by 17 per cent to 856,000.

A spokesman at the airport has attributed some of the growth to the increasing number of scheduled flights offered by airlines based at the hub.

Meanwhile, a number of airlines are planning even more routes from Manchester, including a twice-weekly flight to Salzburg from Sky Europe.

Manchester is situated halfway between London and Edinburgh, 80 miles from Birmingham and 60 miles from Leeds, and boasts abundant airport car parking for those wanting the convenience of leaving a car at the airport.

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