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Hotel News - 13/09/2005

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Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield Airport has installed a Bosch CCTV integrated security system.

Helping to keep passengers safe, over 100 cameras have been installed, which can be controlled from a central unit with a touch-screen display.

Robin Hood offers a range of customer services including airport hotels and airport parking, retail outlets, cafes, bars and restaurants, along with an executive lounge open to all passengers.

No expense has been spared on the cameras because outside of the airport, special Bosch EnviroDomes have been used to ensure good quality footage and the airport has also expressed its commitment to the safety of the car parking areas at the airport.

Phil White of South Yorkshire Police said: 'South Yorkshire Police and Yorkshire Forward contributed funding for an extensive CCTV and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system covering critical areas in the terminal building and all car parking areas on the site.'

Robin Hood Airport is situated within Yorkshire, easily accessible from the UK?s major motorways including the M62 (Hull to Liverpool), M1 (London to Leeds), the A1 (London to Edinburgh) and also the M18.

For customers using an airport hotel, accommodation for the airport is pre-bookable online.

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