Edinburgh Airport OK's tram plans

Hotel News - 16/09/2005

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Edinburgh Airport has withdrawn its objections to plans for trams in the city, giving the go-ahead for developments to the city's transport network.

BAA was initially opposed to the plans, because it feared they could interfere with its own plans for expansion but it now means that holidaymakers will eventually have better transport links to the airport, and its airport hotels.

The airport's owner, BAA has liaised with developers to ensure that the positioning of the tracks do not interfere with its own expansion plans.

The £473 million scheme is designed to allow people to travel around the city quicker and also to make the airport more accessible to tourists and residents.

People using the hub may be interested to know that Edinburgh Airport offers a range of airport hotel accommodation to suit all budgets.

Taking an airport hotel room is often convenient when travellers have early morning or late night flights, as they are already at the airport and can relax in the enjoyment that there is no rush to arrive at the airport.

For customers travelling to their hotel by car, road access to Edinburgh Airport is easy from the two-level junction on the A8 midway between the Gogar and Newbridge roundabouts and Edinburgh offers ample parking.

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