Dirty weekend dying a death

Hotel News - 22/09/2005

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Most adult Brits have heard of the 'dirty weekend' away.

New research however suggests that the reality of them is fading away as people's lives become busier and busier.

According to Teletext Holidays, while most people dream of going away for a passion-filled weekend, two in three people in relationship have not been away in the last year, and one quarter of Brits with partners have not been away for a dirty weekend over five years.

Yet getting away for a romatic break has never been easier or cheapr. With just the click of a mouse, holidaymakers can organise flights, airport car parking and airport hotel accommodation.

The allure of a dirty weekend has not left people's imagination however. 79 per cent of people feel that a break would be good for their relationship, and a staggering 88 per cent believes that they are essential.

Most people blamed the pressures of modern life, such as family, money and work, for why they were not getting away.

'It's sad to see that modern life is taking its toll on romantic weekend breaks away,' said Nishma Patel, managing director of Teletext Holidays.

'Having a weekend away is so much more accessible these days ? the world is on everyone's doorstep and the prevalence of low cost airlines makes it easier to go away than ever. It's time to redress the balance before the dirty weekend dies altogether.'

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