Cardiff reaches out to Brits

Hotel News - 28/09/2005

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Cardiff International Airport is launching a campaign to discover why Brits don't seem to be using the airport.

The news puzzles airport staff exceedingly as they feel that Cardiff offers travellers excellent amenities.

'Cardiff now has a growing range of services, including long haul flights, which are unique in the southwest of the UK,' Jon Horne, managing director Cardiff Airport told icWales.

The hub also offers travellers services that complement the flights, including airport hotel rooms and airport car parking.

Airport hotels can be a convenient way of relaxing before a flight and some airport hotels now offer state of the art facilities such as swimming pools, spas, gyms and sound proofed rooms.

The Government is to support the research, along with the airport and the University of Wales and the study is expected to take two years.

It is hoped that the extra publicity will eventually lead to extra flights being run from the airport.

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