Stanstead gains second US service

Hotel News - 29/09/2005

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Stansted Airport is set to benefit from a new a new airline that will fly directly to JFK Airport in America.

The service will be business class only, and will commence from November 1, which is the second announcement for Stansted in two days, reports

Business travellers using Stansted Airport will find it conveniently located just outside of London.

The hub offers executives excellent airport hotel accommodation, and usually frequent guests can enjoy reward schemes offering perks such as air miles or free hotel stays.

Airport hotels are a great way of relaxing before a flight, and being on site means that there is no rush to get to the airport, or worrying about being stuck in traffic.

Eos says that is aiming for the luxury end of the traveller market, with flights costing around £3,500 for a return journey.

However, the airline is currently running an introductory promotion that offers round trips for only £2,500.

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