Moscow hotels voted world's most expensive

Hotel News - 17/10/2005

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Anyone setting off from Heathrow, Gatwick or Stansted should seriously think twice about making Moscow their destination, as the city's airport hotels are the costliest in the world.

Research carried out by travel management company Business Travel International (BTI) between January and June this year found that the average cost of a room for a night at a Moscow hotel is £165.21, which is more expensive than anywhere else.

Meanwhile, Bangalore has seen the biggest hike in prices, with average room cost rising by a massive 42 per cent over the past year.

'Going to Moscow is not like hopping over to Amsterdam because the city is still perceived as quite dangerous,' explained Margaret Bowler, general manager of hotel relations at BTI UK

'Most people, particularly those on business, want the security of a five-star hotel and are prepared to pay for it.'

She added: 'Bangalore has become the home for call centres, so lots of companies have moved in to set up operations. Hotels have been able to put up their prices on the back of the increase in demand.'

BTI found that Rome's hotels were the second most costly in the world, with an average room cost per night of £157.65, while Bangalore was third with £147.83.

It also found that the increase in average room cost over the past year was 29 per cent in Moscow, and 13 per cent in Rome.

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