New airline launched by teenager

Hotel News - 26/10/2005

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A teenage entrepreneur has become one of the world's youngest ever airline bosses, with the launch of Alpha One Airways.

Martin Halstead, who is 19, says that his age is 'just a number' and is confident he can make his airline a success with an 'innovative, 21st century approach to aviation'.

The new airline's inaugural flight has been scheduled for Monday November 7th.

The company had originally planned to fly between the university cities of Oxford and Cambridge, but will fly from Southampton to the Isle of Man. In the future he hopes to launch services between the Isle of Man and Edinburgh and Blackpool.

The new route could become popular with business travellers, wanting faster transportation to meetings.

If you are flying away on business, booking an airport hotel room can be a convenient way of relaxing before a flight.

Many airport hotels offer attractive executive reward packages, and Blackpool and Edinburgh airports boast extensive airport hotel and parking facilities.

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