An expanded Edinburgh opens!

Hotel News - 08/11/2005

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Scottish secretary Alistair Darling has today officially opened an £11 million expansion at Edinburgh airport.

The new improvements include a new control tower, which will replace the existing wartime model and enable the airport to handle ten extra flights an hour.

Edinburgh hopes that the improvements will lead to new services being launched from the hub, so customers requiring airport hotels should consider booking them in advance.

Increased passenger numbers could lead to greater demand for airport services, such as airport parking and airport hotels and pre-booking will avoid disappointment.

The tower should reduce the risk of delay and officials have said that Edinburgh could overtake Glasgow within a year and a half to become Scotland's busiest base.

A total of £2.5 billion is to be invested into Edinburgh under new plans and it hopes to double in size by 2030.

This expansion will also result in a second runway at the base, which by then will serve up to 26 million passengers annually.

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