Possible strikes at Luton Airport

Hotel News - 14/11/2005

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Ground staff at Luton Airport could potentially take strike action in December following claims that Polish workers at the airport are being exploited.

The Transport & General Union (T&G) has discovered that Polish workers were being paid less than their counterparts, and airport ground staff will decide if they are to strike as a result.

The workers are brought in from Poland to work for 'substantially less' money than their UK colleagues.

John Street, T&G regional organiser, said that staff should normally receive around £7 an hour but the Polish workers are being paid less.

He added: 'If this is the case, we will ask our members at that company if they will support a ballot for strike actions as part of a campaign to get justice for the Polish workers.'

If you are using Luton Airport, you may wish to consider pre-booking your airport hotel accommodation.

If the December strikes do take place, Luton's airport hotels may become very busy and pre-booking will guarantee you an airport hotel room.

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