Virgin to go green?

Hotel News - 17/11/2005

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Virgin Atlantic could soon be using a new environmentally friendly type of fuel in its aircrafts, which is made from plants.

Sir Richard Branson, the entrepreneurial head of Virgin Atlantic Airways, has spoken of his commitment to using eco friendly fuel, and his interest in developing new fuel technologies.

'It is 100 per cent environmentally friendly and I believe it's the future of fuel and over the next 20 or 30 years I think it actually will replace the conventional fuel that you get out of the ground,' he declared.

Although Branson is keen to pursue cellulosic ethanol plant fuel, he admits the idea is still in its infancy.

The announcement follows the government's recently unveiled Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation, which requires all road fuels to contain five per cent biofuel by 2010.

Virgin Atlantic flies from London Gatwick, London Heathrow and Manchester Airports in the UK.

If you plan to use any of these airports, you may wish to consider pre-booking your airport hotels and car parking.

Most UK airports offer excellent airport hotel accommodation, and can usually arrange meeting facilities for travelling executives.

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