Jordan takes the biscuit?

Hotel News - 25/11/2005

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Glamour model Jordan was at Manchester Airport this week to promote bmi's low cost flights to Las Vegas.

However, she didn't arrive at the airport in a traditional manner, she burst out of a giant cake in a sparkly blue showgirl outfit!

She chatted to excited onlookers about her upcoming projects, reports Manchester online, such as her regular I'm a Celebrity Get Met Out Of Here update, her jewellery line and a fitness video.

The launch represented the airline's first flights from Manchester to America's gambling capital, something which both the hub and bmi are excited about.

Manchester is growing in popularity, and if you are thinking of using the airport, it may be best to book your airport hotel accommodation in advance.

Pre-ordering your airport hotel will avoid disappointment if there are no rooms available on the day.

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