Travelodge takes on Premier Travel Inn

Hotel News - 30/11/2005

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Travelodge has announced it is to go head to head with rival hotel chain Premier Travel Inn, in a bid to win customers.

The budget hotel chain is to launch special promotions in the New Year, which will include selling 100,000 rooms at £10 a night and a further 500,000 at £26 a night.

This aggressive new pricing strategy is expected to save Travelodge up to £20 million annually by attracting new customers.

Grant Hearn, chief executive of Travelodge, has said that Travelodge's competitors have 'lost sight' of the fact that they are budget hotels and need to re-price themselves accordingly.

'It is our intention that through our efficiencies we will sustain a long term programme of relentless price reductions to open the hotel market up to everyone,' he concluded.

However, Anne Glover of Premier Travel Inn, told the Daily Telegraph that it works on a different price strategy to Travelodge, with all rooms equally priced.

Travelodge operates at many airports around the UK and rooms are pre-bookable before you travel.

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