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Hotel News - 06/12/2005

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The Hilton Group has announced it is considering reintroducing the Scandic hotel brand to the UK.

Scandic is around 20 per cent cheaper than the traditional Hilton hotel, reports e-Tid, costing on average £70 per room, per night.

The new hotel would be aimed at attracting smaller-budget customers, while still allowing Hilton to keep its prestigious brand.

The news comes shortly after Hilton sold 15 of its hotels in the UK for almost £400 million.

Scandic currently operates in ten countries throughout Europe and five hotels will be opening in Brazil over the next few years, meaning that the brand should be well-established with foreign travellers by the time it reaches the UK.

Hilton has airport hotels across the UK, at hubs including Birmingham, East Midlands, Gatwick, Heathrow, Stansted and Manchester.

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