Air travel for the privileged few?

Hotel News - 22/12/2005

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Consumers have been inundated with reports that cheap air travel is growing in popularity, yet new research shows that flying is actually restricted to an elite group.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), it is people who are on higher incomes that have been taking advantage of cheap flights.

It claims that the rise in demand for economic air travel stems from those lucky enough to have an annual income of over £50,000.

The average passenger to travel through Stansted Airport last year had an income of £51,074.

Heathrow passengers were revealed as the survey's wealthiest, with the mean salary of passengers coming in at £66,752.

However, leisure is still very much on the nation's mind, with five in six passengers flying out of Stansted in 2004 for a recreational break.

If you would like to take advantage of cheaper travel, why not make your arrangements on the internet?

Booking services such as airport car parking and airport hotel accommodation can usually be cheaper than pre-ordering over the phone.

Sometimes, if passengers book one night in an airport hotel, they receive complementary airport car parking for the duration of their trip.

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