Number of airport passengers soars

Hotel News - 11/01/2006

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The number of people using airports managed by the British Airports Authority (BAA) significantly increased last month.

BAA itself has revealed that 10.7 million travellers used the seven airports that it managed in December 2005, a two per cent increase compared to the corresponding period 12 months previously.

Total air traffic for 2005 amounted to 144.3 million passengers, representing a three per cent increase compared to 2004.

BAA also reported that the number of people flying on long haul routers increased by over seven per cent, with overall European travel rising by four per cent.

Among the airports growing at the fastest rate were, Stansted (five per cent), Gatwick (three per cent), Aberdeen (ten per cent), Edinburgh (four per cent) and Glasgow (two per cent).

With airport passenger levels showing no evidence of declining, people wishing to fly from UK airports should always consider booking airport hotels before travelling, to avoid the disappointment of finding airport hotels fully booked upon your arrival.

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