Extra costs threatened for Heathrow passengers

Hotel News - 09/02/2006

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A row between Heathrow Airport and major foreign airlines has led to an increase in costs for many travellers flying out of the London gateway.

As a consequence of the explosion in December at the Buncefield oil depot, which provided over a third of Heathrow's fuel supply, the airport has suffered a serious shortfall.

Following the rationing regulations imposed by British airports operator BAA, Heathrow has opted to impose a fuel levy on non-UK airlines, to help cover the costs.

But American Airlines has accused Heathrow of 'distorting the market' and said they are now forced to put an extra £3 on ticket prices to prevent commercial losses.

A spokesman for the company expressed hopes that a deal 'less discriminatory to foreign passengers' will soon be reached, but said the charge would come into operation immediately.

With the possibility of other foreign firms following suit, travellers would be advised to investigate all options to minimise extra costs to their flights.

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