Extra costs for air travel in the pipeline

Hotel News - 01/03/2006

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British travellers thinking of venturing to the continent should look to the range of cheaper hotel prices to minimise the extra costs likely to impact on their journey.

United Nations chief Kofi Annan has urged other nations to follow the example of France with a tax on airline tickets to enhance funds for international aid.

The tax is due to come into force in July and would levy a sum of between £1 - £40 depending on the distance travelled and the type of ticket bought.

'President Jacques Chirac has shown real leadership in efforts to find innovative sources of financing to help the world achieve the Millennium Development Goals,' Mr Annan commended the plan.

However, the move has been opposed by the airline industry, with many competitors already set to impose new fuel surcharges on tickets because of high oil prices.

With a variety of pressures on the travel industry at the moment, British passengers should prepare for the prospect of extra costs on their flight.

One way of overcoming the problem would be to minimise expenses spent at UK airport hotels, by taking advantage of the increasingly competitive deals available online.

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