Millions prepare for overseas weddings

Hotel News - 15/03/2006

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The use of British airports looks set to increase this year with consumers splashing out the funds on overseas weddings.

Research from Direct Line Home Insurance shows that £1.7 billion was spent last year in arranging the event in a foreign location, with 33 per cent of couples citing good weather and 39 per cent aiming to roll the wedding and honeymoon into one.

This all amounts to more than a quarter of British couples who got married in the last two years choosing to do so on foreign shores £ a 15 per cent rise in the last decade.

The trend is set to continue, with 26 per cent of those couples planning marriage before 2008 intending to hold the ceremony abroad.

One of the strongest new trends is that guests are increasingly joining in the experience, with more than two million UK residents recently receiving an invitation to an overseas wedding.

Couples trying to send large groups of friends and relations across the world with them would be advised to look online to check out booking details on the UK's most affordable airport hotels.

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