British travellers unfazed by terror concerns

Hotel News - 28/03/2006

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The fear of terrorism or natural disaster is not putting British consumers off from foreign destinations, as increasing numbers get ready to fly abroad.

A survey by Mintel shows that the volatile state of global affairs since 2001 has not put British tourists off from use of the airports, with two thirds saying that these fears made no impact on their travel plans.

The findings help to reveal the attitudes behind the recent boom in Britons taking holidays abroad, with the number growing by a fifth between 2000 and 2005, while 45 million trips were made last year alone.

Many respondents even said that well publicised terror threats in a particular destination actually increased the chances that they would go there, in the search for cheaper, quieter holiday resorts.

'It would seem that whilst British travellers may be aware of dangers or problems in specific areas, they will not necessarily associate these difficulties with a country, the region in general or with travelling itself,' said Richard Cope, senior travel analyst at Mintel.

With the use of Britain's leading gateways set to be congested this summer, consumers should look online to book in advance for the best airport hotel deals.

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