BA shows support for south-east airport projects

Hotel News - 03/04/2006

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British Airways has underlined its support for the planned expansion of south-east airports in a statement submitted to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

The UK's largest international scheduled airline has placed the planned expansion at Heathrow at the heart of its strategy, urging the CAA to ensure that the rumours of takeovers currently surrounding airports operator BAA have no impact on the infrastructure programmes in place for Britain's main gateways.

The airline, which owns 40 per cent of the existing take-off and landing slots at Heathrow, insisted that any change of ownership should not interfere with BAA's capacity to provide a 'quality service at competitive cost'.

BAA has released a statement confirming that the expansions in the south-east should be a top priority for the industry, to 'ensure sufficient and timely investment in airport capacity'.

Analysts have anticipated a second bid for BAA from Spanish company Grupo Ferrovial after news that it had recruited Australian bank Macquarie £ a potential competitor - to its team in a financial adviser capacity.

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