bmi look at emissions scheme

Hotel News - 20/06/2006

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If you travel with the bmi airline you could soon be able to convert your frequent flier mileage into donations dedicated to the offsetting of carbon-dioxide. The scheme comes as a result of listening to their business travelers who have acknowledged that frequent flying was not the best way to decrease emissions and felt happier that the airline shows it self as a more environmentally friendly operator. Bmi's Diamond Club has an existing scheme that allows members to convert their air miles into charity cash donations for Save the Children and is now considering this new way to cash in their share of emissions. Currently British Airways' website offers its clients the option of calculating their flight emissions they are booking and making a donation by way of compensation. Friends of the Earth believe that air travel accounts for 6% of UK's carbon-dioxide emissions and that a green levy on air travel should be introduced on a compulsory basis. They believe that large businesses should cut down on flying rather than fly and then try to compensate for it. With the current feeling towards a need for global business travel reduction HSBC's head of global business travel management announcing, at the Institute of Travel Management annual conference, that it that it will work towards becoming a carbon-neutral organization.

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