Two new routes from Inverness and Cardiff

Hotel News - 14/07/2006

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There are two new routes for travelers flying with Eastern Airways, one is from Cardiff to Brussels and another from Inverness and Newcastle. Eastern Airways operate a daily flight from Newcastle to Inverness with fares starting at £99 which includes taxes and charges. This will be the fourth scheduled service from Inverness with assistance from the Scottish Executive's route Development Fund. The route from Cardiff to Brussels will be operating twice a day in both directions at 7.35pm and 9.30am local time. The Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday flights from Brussels will mean a 10am and 8pm take off with a 10.40am and 845pm arrival. If traveling on a Wednesday you will take off at 10.20am and arrive at 11am. Welsh travelers have been keen to make the most of this business led schedule which means travelers no longer need to commit to an overnight stay.

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