Strikes at Bareclona leaves holiday makers fuming

Hotel News - 09/08/2006

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Over two hundred baggage handlers blockaded the runways at Barcelona's main airport. The action forced management to close the runways and suspend flights causing delays to more than 100,000 passengers. Hundreds of passengers were forced to wait on grounded planes and were not given any information. Thousands were stranded in terminals with no explanation as to why and many left to try to make their own alternative arrangements.

At least eight airlines from twelve UK airports have regular flights to and from Barcelona. The strike action began at 9am and over 250 flights were cancelled or rediverted. Armed guards from the Civil Guard were called on to help clear the workers with scuffles breaking out between strikers and passengers. The strike was in response to an announcement that Iberia had lost a £230 million handling contract and workers blamed the AENA, the Spanish airport authority for the loss of the contract and possible loss of over 2,500 jobs.

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