The Airbus A380 poses a size setback

Hotel News - 11/10/2006

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London's first new runway in twenty years is probably going to be too small for the giant wingspan of the new Airbus A380. Final plans to build a second runway and treminal at Stansted airport at a cost of £2.7bn will be submitted for planning permission later next year. However, a review of capital expenditure ordered by BAA's new Spanish onwers combined with lobbying from low-cost operators easyJet and Ryanair, looks as though the final plans will not include the extra £65m needed to accommodate the aircraft.

The runways at Stansted will not be wide enough or long enough for all take off conditions. Heathrow has been upgraded to take the aircraft and Gatwick's runway is 3,300m compared with Stansted's 3,048m.

The low cost airlines may be put off using Stansted in the future if they operate long haul flights using the new Airbus as a means of economising through scale. Airbus said that the reason why the wingspan of the aircraft is so large is due to the engines being positioned further out on the wing, this means that the Tarmac area of runways and taxiways had to be wider to stop the thrust from tearing up grass and depostiting debris on the runway.

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