Chaos at Heathrow's terminal 4

Hotel News - 04/07/2007

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Hundreds of passengers at Heathrow's Terminal 4 were asked to partialy evacuate the terminal building as a suspect bag was found just before midday to day. Travellers were forced to wait outside the terminal in the rain as they waited to board their flights. A secondary search procedure was put into place causing delays to some flights departing from Terminal 4.

The decision was made later during the day to cancel all departing flights from Terminal and in all a total of 108 flights were affected. British Airways have cancelled all of its European departures from Terminal 4 from 3pm until the rest of the day and cancelled all of its long haul departures from 3pm to 9pm. A British Airways spokes person said flights from Terminal 1 were still operating but with delays. Passengers should rebook with another airline or claim a refund.

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