Malfunction turns flight back to Manchester

Hotel News - 02/09/2007

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There was a slight change of plans for First Choice flight FCA 2420 leaving Manchester when the captain discovered a problem with the equipment that pressurizes the cabin. Before the plane even left UK airspace the decision was made to turn the bird around and head back to Manchester Airport to assess the malfunction.

A spokesman for First Choice Airlines made a statement after the incident occurred: "Pressurisation occurred as normal as the Boeing 757 climbed and there was no danger to passengers or crew at any time. However, safety is our number one priority, therefore engineers advised the captain to land as a precautionary measure. The aircraft underwent a thorough engineering inspection at Manchester airport and is now flying again."

Fire engines and ambulances awaited the returning plane on the tarmac, but their services were not needed. No one onboard was harmed or injured, and the plane underwent inspections and took-off again a short time later for Faro, Portugal, its original destination.

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