Air France brings the European Space Agency onboar

Hotel News - 11/09/2007

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The European Space Agency is planning to give over its satellite images of the world to Air France to use with its in-flight entertainment system to show passengers a satellite view of their destination. The airline claims itself to be the first airline in the world to offer such an amenity.

Air France is given the images on CD-ROMs from the ESA to channel in to their seatback entertainment systems so each passenger on one of the 777 flights can get an idea of what their destination looks like from space. For now, the service is limited to flights from Paris to Singapore, Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. The next destination to have a satellite view is guessed to be Tokyo.

Vice president of marketing for Air France Patrick Roux says, "It is an example of the innovative initiatives that Air France aims to develop for our passengers. We are looking forward to extending this offer to other destinations."

A system installed on the plane called Geovision updates the image every time a point of interest passes underneath the aircraft and triggers an updated image to appear.

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