Plastic only test flights taking off

Hotel News - 11/09/2007

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300 American Airlines scheduled commercial flights will be testing the limits of a theory that it is possible to conduct flights on a cashless basis. The airline has already launched its onboard credit card/debit card payment system earlier this year and is now testing is a completely cashless flight is kosher with passengers.

The 300 flights will leave starting today until September 30th, leaving from San Francisco International Airport. Everything from the tickets themselves to in-flight amenities will be plastic only, from alcoholic beverages, snacks, meals and headphones.

Lauri Curtis, vice president of onboard service for American Airlines says, 'These days, consumers are more frequently paying for items electronically with credit cards and debit cards. With this test, we are seeking feedback from passengers and from our flight attendants to determine if this consumer behavior also works with the purchase of onboard items.'

If successful, the use of cash during a flight may be phased out, making things far more convenient for flight attendants who now have to handle money and search for change when it's not available. A hungry passenger in a pinch may not find it so convenient however.

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