Appeal for denied terminal at Coventry

Hotel News - 24/09/2007

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Coventry airport has been denied by the courts to construct a new passenger terminal on the site of the present airport. The owners of the airport were hopeful about the construction of a new passenger terminal that would increase yearly passengers to 2 million. The proposal was denied at a public enquiry back in June. A spokesman for the owners of the airport said, 'We are waiting for an appeal date for the High Court, though we have been warned that it can take up to 12 months. We believe that the outcome of the first inquiry was seriously flawed in law. If we can have a second inquiry, new evidence will be allowed to be heard.' One piece of the case for the construction is that the present terminal was never meant to be a permanent structure, and that the new terminal and its increased capacity would bring more jobs and money into the city. The appeal to the decision could take up to two years and the costs for the appeal have been estimated to be upwards of £10 million.

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