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Hotel News - 19/10/2007

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Business travelers in the countries in the Pacific Rim can now enjoy the same service from Travelocity Business that so many people in North America and Europe make such great use of. Travelocity launched its business brand in 2003 and has been growing steadily since, expanding steadily and handling client's travel spending to the tune of $800 million last year.

With such success, it's no small wonder that the company is looking east to tackle the thriving business markets of places like Taipei and Singapore.

By November, Travelocity Business will be established in Australia, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore. Lesley Harris, president of Travelocity Business had this to say recently:

'Launching in this region is the next logical step in our development as a truly global TMC. An increasing number of both clients and prospects have demonstrated that standardizing processes and procedures across borders drives measurable savings. As we grow with our clients in these countries, we look forward to extending their savings opportunities in the fastest-growing region of the world.'

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