Special fundraiser held at Liverpool Airport Hotel

Hotel News - 20/11/2007

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A special fundraiser to discuss restoration plans of a historic plane built in 1958 has been held at the Liverpool Airport Hotel. The open day was meant to not only discuss the restoration project with participants, but to garner more potential investors from the general public as well.

The plane in question is one of 85 Bristol Britannia aircraft built in 1958 known as the 'whispering giants'; the last generation of the great propeller driven planes before the advent of the jet engine being introduced for commercial use. The surviving aircraft under discussion for restoration is the 'Charlie Fox', being stored at the Marriott Hotel, Liverpool South, what was once the Speke Airport Aerodrome.

Chairman of the Jetstream Club, the organization responsible for the restoration feels the sentimental location of the project is important. He says, 'As Charlie Fox was based at Speke while owned by British Eagle, it is also an important part of our local aviation heritage.'

To keep us with the progress and learn more about the history of the plane, visit www.jetstream-club.org.

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