Burns supper in transit

Hotel News - 28/01/2008

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Travelers to Edinburgh this year had an opportunity to taste the traditional flavors of Scotland during the fastest Burns Supper in Scotland, which was served at the Edinburgh Airport’s Hilton Hotel.

In order to cater to even those travelers with the shortest of stops in the country, the airport hotel created a 15 minute version of the traditional Scottish supper and served it up in front of screens with flight information, to ensure that everyone got to their flight on time.

The meals included haggis, turnip and mashed potato as well as a little whiskey to wash it all down.

The general manager of the Hilton Edinburgh Airport, Michael Squire said: "Robert Burns is a Scottish icon and we want to allow everyone visiting the country, no matter how brief their visit, the chance to raise a toast to the bard.

"Edinburgh Airport welcomes over nine million passengers every year and flies to over 100 destinations and Hilton Edinburgh Airport's head chef, Daniel Leah, will be going all out to make sure that everyone has time for a Burns supper."

Travelers who wished sample to fare were whisked to the hotel by a special shuttle service specifically employed for the special occasion.

A Burns supper is a traditional Scottish celebration to honor the life and poetry of Robert Burns, the author of “Auld Lang Syne.” Although the suppers can be held at any time of year, they are most commonly celebrated on January 25th, the bard’s birthday.

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