Apartment and condo rental not just for seniors

Hotel News - 06/03/2008

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A website which has become popular with seniors can also be a good bet for any traveler looking to save money and live comfortably while on the road. Limaparis.com offers a comprehensive search of apartments and condos in a variety of locations at prices comparable to hotel rates.

Taking an apartment or condo rather than a hotel room has a number of benefits, not all of them exclusive to the seniors who often use the service. Rented apartments provide a solid base for tailored itineraries and more flexible travel arrangements. And because they come with a kitchen and can be rented by the week or month, they can often help save money, as well.

The Limaparis.com website allows travelers to search the internet for condos and apartments by neighborhood, size, date and price and provides color photographs of the listed establishments and their interiors.

London Choice is another company offering a similar service in London. A search for a two-room apartment for four people in the Hyde Park area found 14 choices with places starting at $156 a night. The website lists all amenities included in the sites including internet connections, maid and room service, airport transfers, oven and appliances.

In Rome, the best bet is Rentalinrome.com. The website organizes its listings into “low cost” places less than $145 a day, high quality ($145 to $290) and "luxury" (more than $290), and includes maps and photographs of each place.

The internet can help find reasonably priced accommodations in any city but that accommodation does not have to be a hotel. Apartments and condos are located everywhere, including the Cayman Islands, and close to airports across the UK and Europe. Why pay more for an airport hotel when you can settle into a comfortable condo just minutes from a terminal building for far less?

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