Hundreds of Scots stranded at airports

Hotel News - 18/03/2008

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There were huge flight delays this weekend that had stranded Scottish tourists considering a stay in an airport hotel when a charter airline plane experienced problems before leaving Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. The Airbus A320 owned by the Spanish carrier LTE on loan to Seguro broke down, stranding not only passengers at Las Palmas Airport, but those waiting at the other end in Prestwick. The malfunction also affected flights scheduled between Prestwick and Faro, Portugal.

All in all, about 700 passengers were kept waiting anywhere from 5 hours to 13 hours, with the travel company scrambling to repair a malfunction, which managing director Richard Burke later attributed to a malfunction with the plane’s braking system.

Burke did not go into detail about the problem, but it was serious enough that the pane could not take off for a good while, with the result being a 13-hour delay for passengers waiting in Prestwick.

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