Hotel guests/residents unhappy over night flights

Hotel News - 25/03/2008

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Many travellers wish to stay at an airport hotel for the convenience of being as close as possible to their flight the next day, so if they are faced with planes taking off and landing through the night, they are not too plussed over the issue. If they are light sleepers they can choose one of the better hotels that will have thick enough windows to cut jet noise to an absolute minimum. But for residents around airports flying night flights, it can become an uncomfortable part of life.

The residents around the East Midlands Airport are the latest bunch to be quoted in the media about being unhappy with the noise pollution from planes during the night. The uproar comes after North West Leicestershire MP David Taylor revealed during a question period in parliament recently that the East Midlands Airport had more night flights coming and going than Gatwick and Heathrow combined.

Taylor, who was speaking on behalf of the regional residents demanded something be done. The figures came as a surprise to many, who would simply assume only people living around Europe’s busiest travel hub would be suffering form sleep deprivation.

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